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Croucher Needham is a fast growing accounting, tax and business advisory group. Our objective is to be the firm of choice for small and medium sized owner managed businesses.

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How are we different?Emerge Grow Realise Protect

At the heart of any accounting business there will always be a need for traditional core services. Whilst we are delighted to continue to provide these compliance services to you, we actually can go much, much further. 

In our Approach we have created an objective led model which helps us to define and work through such a goal seeking process with you. Working closely together, we will identify your business and personal objectives and then guide you proactively through these targeted objective led solutions.

Emerge Grow Realise Protect ™    





Supported by our skilled and dedicated Team, our unique, simple and effective approach is to work more closely with you as your "Partner in Business".  Our above CN Model encompasses some powerful systems and Tools.

We truly work Beyond the Numbers, providing a complete holistic  joined up service. Working with carefully selected strategic Partners, we can also help to bring additional Beyond Accounting solutions and make them available to you at the appropriate time. 

The CN Team would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us to make an introductory meeting to see how we can generate results for you. 

In the meantime, please feel free to read through some of our useful Business, Personal and Tax Guides.

For your ease of quick ongoing reference, we also present the latest CN budget and tax cards.  



      Budget Report

2013 Budget Summary

2012/2013 Tax Card                                                                                                    


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